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Last updated 4-4-17 for Version

Software Changes to Corrent Update

Glazier Studio

Changes in version

  1. Updated EFCO part pricing and groups.
  2. Added the EFCO 5600PG Unitized Curtain Wall System
  3. Upgraded Tubelite parts and groups
    1. New Metal Systems
    2. Marked obsolete metal groups
  4. Corrected issues with Tubelite Doors for options and add charges
  5. You don't need to exit program after changing system or group to use change.
  6. Corrected issues with changing height on elevations with head channels
  7. Added perimeter vinyl to the total cound of length of vinyl for totaling labor on vinly installation
  8. Corrected some fabrication locations on special conditions
  9. Corrected the Misc Metal Opt to recognize custom stock size and not the default if the cut piece is 288"
  10. Added option to optimize in the metal fabrication screen
  11. Corrected the total quantity of cross rails if grid panels and rows are used.
  12. Added a link to our images update under the help menu
  13. Added a link to our workbook \ getting started manual under the help menu
  14. Added the option to preview frames from the metal fabrication screen
  15. Added the option to apply a primary or secondary fabrication to a part in the metal fabrication under add operation
  16. Added the option under primary fab of an extrusion to set a fab to be fixed bottom \ left or fixed top \ right of any stick
  17. Added the option under Metal Fabrication to flip all x locations or all y locations of fabs
  18. Set scroll bar to default to bottom line under misc metal optimization
  19. Corrected hardware and thermal separator count when doors are added to the frame
  20. If use default labor is set, then the default door labor will be automatically added to the doors when placed in an elevation
  21. Corrected the dimesion units when exporting to a CAD program

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