Fab Office Training


During this one-day training class (8 am to 4 pm MST) you will learn how fabrications are created and used in our Studio program to be output for our RhinoFab equipment. Then time will be spent out in our shop where the RhinoFab machines are built learning all the basic processes for using and maintaining your Rhino.


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Event F.A.Q

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Bring yourself and any other special requirements you may have. We provide the following (Computers, Snacks and Drinks, Pen and Notepads, Workbook)

How long does the class run for?

The training classes start at 8 am MST and run to 4 pm MST. There will be breaks during the day and 1 hour for lunch where you will be able to go out for one of our many nearby restaurant/fast food options.

  • DeMichele Group
  • 2110 S Douglas Dr
  • Chandler
  • AZ
  • USA
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