Software System Requirements

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Software System Requirements

The information below is a guide to what you would need to use the Glazier software. These are recommendations and we do not imply any warranty or guarantee that purchasing the below specifications will meet your requirements, just that it will be able to run our application. If you use programs like AutoCAD and other software that is resource intense, the minimums might not be sufficient, so evaluate your needs and then purchase what you need to cover all applications and programs you are running.

We are currently working on a solution for issues with Xe graphics of 12th Gen Intel CPUs and Intel Arc GPUs that no longer support DirectX 9. WE DON’T RECOMMEND THE PURCHASE OF A COMPUTER/LAPTOP WITH THESE COMPONENTS.

Workstation Requirements

Component Name Minimum Required Recommended
ProcessorIntel or AMD 1 – ghz+ CPU 11th Gen or OlderIntel Core i5 or i7 CPU 11th Gen or Older
RAM Memory1 GB – XP / 2 GB – All other
Video Memory512 MB Shared or Dedicated* 1+ GB Dedicated Video
Video CardDirectX 9 Supported Video
Intel / AMD / ATI / NVIDIA
Media RequirementDVD Drive or Download High Speed Internet Download
Video Resolution1024 x 768 min 2550 x 1980 (4K)**
Operating SystemWindows OS -XP or newer Windows 7 or newer
Alternate OSMAC OS with Emulator
(Parallels Desktop)***
Must use a Windows OS under emulator

* Video Memory is used up based on features of the operating system, monitor resolution and quantity of displays. Larger screens or higher resolution uses more video memory and may require more that the listed minimums or recommended.

** Video Memory may limit the size of the screen or the resolution of the display. The more video memory, the higher the resolution options are for the program.

*** MAC OS with emulator must meet the other requirements to be compatible. Driver under windows in the Emulator must be direct x 9 compliant and the system memory and other options must be at the minimum or better.

NOTE: Virtual Servers are not supported under this program.

Server Requirements

Component Name Minimum Required Recommended
Processor Intel or AMD 1ghz+ CPU Intel Core i5, i7 or Xeon CPU
RAM Memory 2 GB – All Windows OS 4+ GB RAM
Video Memory 512 MB Shared or Dedicated N/A System only hosts databases
Video Card no requirements INTEL / AMD / ATI / NVIDIA
Media Requirement Download High Speed Internet Download
Video Resolution 1024 x 768 min 2550 x 1980 (4K)
Operating System All Windows OS -newer Windows 7 or newer recommended