PartnerPak Studio Option 2 Update Information



This update is going to expand our program capabilities for Catalog Parts, but in order to do this, when you start the program after update, we are going to update all your projects and frames with the changes.


NETWORK USERS – Please DO NOT allow other users to start the program until one person has gone through the entire save process.


We have calculated that for every 500 frames we have to open and save, it will take about 10 minutes.


We have several customers who have 24000 frames in their program and that means it will still take 6 Hours to update those systems, so please schedule the update and start the program to run overnight so when you come in the next day it is finished opening and saving.


This might be a good time to cull the project list down by deleting old projects. You should be prompted that we will archive them, which means when you need them, you can go to FILE – RESTORE PROJECT and we will open and save the frames from the project that you restore at that time. Test this first on a SAMPLE project or one that can be completely removed, you need to have an archive database in order to save projects that are deleted. Some network configurations may need this database added before you can archive them properly.


Call us if you have questions prior to running this update.


Click HERE to download the option 2 update file.